High-speed industrial doors are a much faster version of standard automatic roller shutters, with rapid roll doors able to roll up and down smoothly and swiftly at speeds of almost 1m per second.

These types of doors are popular for use in factories, warehouses, industrial sites, and commercial premises across a wide variety of sectors – from food to textiles to pharmaceuticals to electronics.

However, opening and closing rapidly isn’t their only advantage. From increased security and insulation to reduced operating costs, here are some of the major benefits of rapid roll doors.

Increased productivity

As a result of rapid roll shutters operating so quickly and reliably every time, the workforce spends less time waiting for the doors to open and close. This helps to optimise the flow of traffic in and out, which is especially useful in high-traffic zones.

The speed and user-friendliness of rapid roll doors makes it easier for workers to move between spaces, improving the employee experience and boosting their productivity levels.

Efficiency is key for most business operations, as goods often need to be moved and processed according to strict schedules to meet customer needs. Every second saved counts, and the minutes can add up over time to save hours of labour.


Though rapid roller doors move at speed when in operation, they are designed to be as safe as possible. Safety measures to reduce the risk of collisions and impacts include breakaway bottom edges and photocells to detect obstacles.

Most also come with an emergency stop button on the control panel, a manual opening mechanism in the form of a chain or pull-cord at ground level, and a built-in fail-safe in case of brake failure or loss of power to the control panel.

Additionally, most rapid roller door designs can accommodate PVC windows, which increase visibility from one side to the other and further reduce the risk of sudden accidents.

Temperature control

When doors are left open, especially shutters with large openings, this allows air to escape from inside and circulate from outside. Obviously, this is not ideal for busy premises needing to regulate the interior temperature despite frequent traffic.

Rapid roll doors offer an excellent solution to this problem, because they open and shut so quickly that there is minimal air movement – whether the inside needs to be kept cold without warm air flooding in, or kept warm without the heat rushing out.

The seals around the sides also help to maintain a controlled temperature by improving insulation, while the robust materials hold up well against exterior weather elements.


Any entrance or exit to a business is a potentially vulnerable access point, which could allow unauthorised access to restricted areas without sufficient protection. These security breaches could result in damage, theft, or injury to property or personnel.

Fast-acting roller doors make it very difficult for anyone to sneak in behind staff while the door is open without being noticed, preventing people from accessing areas they are not supposed to be in.

Manufactured using materials like steel or aluminium, their durable construction also means that rapid roller shutters are very strong. When lowered, including overnight when the premises may be closed, it will be tough for intruders to try to break in.

Noise insulation

Not only do they insulate against heat loss, but with sealed edges also insulating against noise transmission, rapid roll shutters can be effective sound barriers, too. Only opening for a shorter length of time keeps noise pollution to a minimum.

This improves working conditions, as well, reducing disturbances from loud machinery, vehicles, or people on the other side of the door. Work areas will be quieter for longer and more comfortable for staff and visitors – which will add another boost to productivity.

The difference between a rapidly operating shutter and a standard slower model will therefore be significant in highly active environments like factories and warehouses.


With some shutters covering openings sizeable enough to allow large vehicles transporting goods to pass through, leaving them up for too long is bad news for energy efficiency – which, in turn, is bad news for the property’s gas or electricity bills.

Since rapid roll doors move quickly enough to minimise temperature imbalances, cooling or heating systems won’t have to work so hard to maintain optimal internal temperatures. This reduces energy waste and operational costs at the same time.

In addition to reducing your carbon footprint, which can improve the reputation of your business, the increased productivity afforded by time-saving rapid roll doors can also enhance profits.

Easy maintenance

Unlike basic doors or traditional shutters, which may be made of less resilient materials and need regular upkeep to reduce wear and tear, industrial rapid roll shutters are specifically designed to endure rigorous use, operating many times a day.

This longevity means that they don’t require much maintenance. As long as they are operated safely every time (according to manufacturer guidelines) and cleaned thoroughly at least twice a year, rapid roller doors should sustain their high performance.

To comply with safety laws and avoid the need for emergency repairs, thereby reducing downtime, businesses should also schedule an annual service for all mechanical doors.

Contamination prevention

High levels of air pollution, dust, and debris can be common in industrial environments. However, another benefit of rapid opening and closing speeds helping to manage air circulation is that it is much harder for contaminants from outside to make their way in.

Fast-operating doors don’t just keep unwanted people and particles out, though – they can also reduce the risk of pests and vermin from getting inside.

This ensures a safe work environment, reducing the health risks of such pollutants to staff, products, and equipment. Maintaining hygiene is a crucial part of quality control for many industries, from agriculture and food processing to pharmaceutical laboratories.

Order bespoke rapid roll doors

It is clear to see that rapid roller doors come with a wide range of advantages, which is why they are used in so many applications. If you’re looking for a way to improve your business efficiency without compromising on safety and security, this could be the best solution.

Here at Roller Shutter Services, we provide a selection of roller doors and related services, and we have been manufacturing bespoke rapid roll doors and installing them for businesses throughout North West England and beyond for many years now.

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