Fire-Rated Curtains

Fire safety is incredibly important for any building, but especially large premises with higher fire risks and lots of people around – which is where fire curtains can be essential in containing fires for long enough to allow everyone to evacuate.

This type of curtain forms a fire-resistant barrier that drops from above to seal openings against flames and smoke, or to partition open spaces to stop the fire from crossing the room.

At Roller Shutter Services, our fire-rated curtains can benefit many different types of premises, helping to protect escape routes and limit property damage from fire.

Fire-Proofing Curtains

In a similar way to shutters, fire curtains work like blinds, rolling up into a headbox over a door or concealed fittings in the ceiling to stay out of the way, then descending when the smoke or fire alarm is activated and automatically triggers the curtain to deploy.

Typically guided and held in place by channels either side, the fire-rated barrier should hold firm against hot flames, providing more time for people to escape from the building and the emergency services to reach the scene and put out the fire.

As they are not as bulky as metal shutters, fire curtains from Roller Shutter Services are perfect for installing internally, such as in open plan spaces and corridors.

RSFS1 Fire Shutters installed in a Canteen

Fire Curtain Installation

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Fire Control Systems

Thinner and more lightweight than heavy shutters, fire curtains are slim and flexible enough to be installed discreetly in a wider range of applications. The primary material is woven from fibreglass filaments, which can be further strengthened with inter-woven aluminium or steel threads.

To improve their resistance against hot smoke, fire-retardant curtains are usually finished with polymer coatings, which keep the textile sheet pliable while decreasing its permeability to help limit the spread of heat, gases, and flames from one side to the other.

While specially engineered and tested, fire curtains do not have the higher integrity rating of metal fire shutters, so they cannot be interchanged. Fire-rated curtains should be capable of enduring a minimum of 600°C–1,000°C heat for around 30 minutes, but if regulations require greater fire protection, you may want to consider our fire shutters instead.

To find out about the technical data and possible specifications of our fire curtain systems, contact us at Roller Shutter Services.

Order Fire Curtains Today

When more flexibility and architectural integration is required, our fire curtains and smoke curtains offer brilliant solutions to assist with fire containment and smoke control. Our team would be happy to work with you to supply bespoke fire-rated curtains.

We can configure fire safety curtains for commercial, industrial, and large residential premises, so get in touch to discuss what we can do for you. Should you need maintenance checks on an existing system or a replacement fire curtain, we can help with that, too.

Call 0800 328 9356 or email to learn more – whether it’s checking specifications, requesting a competitive quote, or booking maintenance, Roller Shutter Services would be glad to assist you.

Fire Shutters in industrial and commercial applications, 75mm - 1 Hour Fire Rated shutter installed

Fire Rated Curtains

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