Smoke Curtains

Did you know that most fire-related fatalities are due to smoke inhalation? The toxic gases in hot smoke can spread through spaces much faster than flames, which is why it’s important to install smoke barriers as part of a passive fire protection system.

At Roller Shutter Services, we provide smoke curtains that can be used within a smoke control system to prevent these harmful gases from spreading between different parts of a building – keeping escape routes as clear as possible for safe evacuation.

Safety Smoke Barriers

Hot air rises towards ceilings, where smoke can accumulate and set off alarms. However, without a barrier to stop it, larger quantities of smoke can begin to descend and expand through the nearest openings – where smoke curtains would be essential to block the smoke cloud from spreading.

An automated smoke curtain can be programmed to descend from the ceiling when triggered by an alarm, with time delays typically available to allow it to remain partially open – maintaining an escape route – until a sensor detects higher amounts of smoke.

Whether you need to close off doorways or compartmentalise open spaces to prevent smoke distribution, Roller Shutter Services can supply and install high-quality smoke curtains.

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Smoke Curtain Installation

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Smoke Control Systems

Our durable yet lightweight smoke curtains can be adapted to a variety of applications, suspended from ceilings or above openings with discreet fixings so the curtain is concealed when not in use – even in settings where there is less headroom.

Woven fabric from fibreglass strengthened with stainless steel components creates a rigid yet pliable sheet that will form a reliable smoke barrier. Non-porous polymer coatings can also be applied to improve the curtain’s resistance to heat and smoke.

Being a protective measure against smoke and not fire itself, the integrity ratings of smoke curtains are typically lower than fire curtains, but they should still be designed and tested to withstand heat up to 600°C for at least 30 minutes when deployed.

For more details on technical specifications and safety compliance, please get in touch with the Roller Shutter Services team.

Order Bespoke Smoke Curtains

We work closely with our customers to provide a bespoke solution that meets the unique requirements of their premises, so contact Roller Shutter Services today to discuss made-to-order smoke curtains for your building’s fire safety system.

Our products and services are suitable for industrial, commercial, and even residential properties, and always competitively priced. We also offer smoke curtain maintenance when checks and repairs are needed, whether these are one-off or contract works.

To learn more about our smoke curtains, request a quote, or arrange servicing, please give us a call on 0800 328 9356, or send an email to and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly.

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Smoke Curtains

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