Manual roller shutters can be a right pain for any business owner. They tend to be very heavy to lift up and pull down and may take a while to do so, creating a security risk. This is never more true than when there are several roller shutters to contend with. At the end of the night when you’re locking up, a potential thief may spot the opportune moment to sneak into your premises through a way you haven’t yet secured, while you’re busy struggling to pull down the first roller shutter.

By upgrading to electric roller shutters, you simply press a button on a key switch or remote and all of your shutters can lower simultaneously. This tightens the security of your building quickly without you needing to resort to time consuming manual lifting and lowering. Yet regardless of the type of commercial roller shutters you have, you never know when you may be faced with repairs. Frequent use means problems develop through wear and tear, and both manual and electric shutters can be damaged by harsh weather or break in attempts.

Roller Shutter Services can repair manual and electric roller shutters. We’re able to carry out sectional door repairs when required, and we’re even available for emergency shutter repairs. Call us now on 0800 328 9356 to find out more about upgrading to electric shutters or any roller shutter repairs you may need.