As a business owner in the North West, the security of your shop, showroom, restaurant or bar is of huge importance. When you shut up for the day, you need to be confident that your commercial roller shutters are going to adequately secure your premises. The most commonly used steel and iron shutters are extremely effective; however, like many things, they do require regular maintenance to remain a sufficient barrier to criminal activity. When was the last time you checked your commercial shutters for problems or ignored that slight jamming upon opening?

A little maintenance could save you thousands

It’s easy to take the security of your premises for granted once you have good commercial roller shutters in place. They do require regular maintenance however, and you should ensure that the moving components of your shutters are lubricated properly every couple of months. If you are finding that the shutter is getting stuck in the same position when you try to open or close it or it suddenly feels unusually heavy, call for emergency shutter repairs as soon as possible. Quite apart from the issue of security, a faulty shutter could do you a serious injury.

Here at Roller Shutter Services, we are on hand 24 hours a day and 99% of our repairs are completed within one working day. So if you have a defective shutter in the North West, don’t put your business at risk. Give Roller Shutter Services a call today.