We’d all like to think that we’re safe from disaster, but an emergency could strike your business at any time, and the best defence against that is a good offence (as the saying goes). In this case, that means preparation, preparation and more preparation.

It’s important to discuss what would happen in an emergency situation with your staff, but as we all know, sometimes a stressful situation can make it tough to remember things, so why not create a checklist? Whether it’s a freak weather accident or a break-in out of hours, there are some checks that apply to any emergency situation.

Make sure to email a copy of your checklist to staff so they can access it wherever they are, and include the names and numbers of anyone who might be useful; locksmiths, plumbers and electricians could be lifesavers if something goes wrong with your business premises.

Check off each door and window on the property to make sure it’s secure, and check any valuable equipment isn’t in danger. If your business has commercial roller shutters, a contact for emergency shutter repairs is vital, as without shutters the security of your building may be compromised.

What’s important in an emergency will vary wildly from business to business, but a comprehensive checklist will help the first person on the scene of an out-of-hours emergency to get a handle on the situation quickly and easily.