Anti Ram Raid Barriers

Safeguarding your property from vandalism and theft is essential, whether your premises are commercial, industrial, or residential. If your business or home is located somewhere with a higher risk of being damaged by vehicles, it’s even more important to take preventative steps, such as installing an anti-ram device in front of a vulnerable entry point.

Vandals and thieves often use vehicles as tools to break into buildings in a manoeuvre commonly known as ram-raiding. The force of the impact from the vehicle against a door or window causes enough damage for the criminals to gain access to the inside, where they can cause further damage and steal property worth hundreds to thousands of pounds.

This type of financial loss can be devastating, especially when businesses are unable to operate until their damaged storefront can be repaired. It can also cause a lot of mental distress, shaking up local communities and potentially putting customers off.

Why leave yourself and your premises open to such disasters when you could lower the risk with an anti-ram barrier? These devices can deter ram-raiders and reduce the impact of their vehicle even if they do try their luck.

Ram Raid Vehicle Barriers

It’s not just shops, banks, and ATMs that are at risk from ram-raiders. Nor do they limit their targets to city centres and high streets. Any property, from convenience stores to storage facilities, could be targeted by criminals looking for something valuable to loot.

This isn’t very pleasant to think about, but it’s necessary to consider whether you’re doing all you can to protect your premises from such aggressive offences. Even if ram-raid incidents are low in your area, having an anti-ram barrier from Roller Shutter UK can provide a visual deterrent to prevent ram-raiders from viewing your property as a potential target.

Horizontal ram barriers are a cost-effective solution for limiting the risk of being ram-raided, as well as reducing the physical impact and the extent of the damage that a vehicle can do to the front of the building. They can provide protection for all kinds of buildings, especially where there is a large access point, such as a loading dock.

At Roller Shutter Services, we have been installing security measures across the North West for many years now, and we’re always happy to help property owners improve their safety. To enquire about our anti-ram barriers, please call us on 0800 328 9356.

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Anti Ram Barrier

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Anti Ram Raid Barriers

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Anti Ram Shutter Door Bars

Our anti-ram vehicle barriers are the ideal way to protect your assets while keeping things simple. Manufactured from durable steel box sections, we can make an anti-ram bar tailored to your measurements to ensure a secure fit, whether the opening in question is large or small.

Like our roller shutters, our anti-ram barriers can be finished with a powder coating in almost any standardised colour, allowing you to match your shutters or building colour scheme, or ensure that the anti-ram arm stands out as an unmissable deterrent.

The tough steel bar adds extra protection to any access point it’s installed across, but it doesn’t have to be a hindrance for those with authorised access. These barriers should only cause an obstruction for ram-raiders, after all.

To find out more about our anti-ram barrier system, including how it works, product specifications, and how we can tailor it for your building, call us or email with your queries. We’ll be in touch soon to discuss your order in further detail.

Anti Ram Barrier Maintenance

We’re not just manufacturers and suppliers of anti-ram barriers here at Roller Shutter Services. Our expert team proudly offers professional installation services to make sure your anti-ram raid device is fitted correctly. Plus, if you think there’s an issue with your anti-ram bar, you can always call out our engineers to take a look and fix it.

We’re known for our reliable emergency roller shutter repairs and maintenance services, but we can also offer these services for our anti-ram vehicle barriers, too. Whether you need a one-off repair or would rather set up an ongoing contract for regular checks, we’ll gladly help with either of these options to ensure your property stays safe.

Of course, an anti-ram gate alone won’t keep intruders out as well as protective metal shutters with an anti-ram raid bar in front of them – so we would definitely recommend considering both if you don’t already have up-to-date shutter doors.

To speak to the Roller Shutter Services team about your custom anti-ram raid solution, call or email us today, or request a quote by submitting the contact form on this page and we’ll respond as quickly as possible.

Anti Ram Barrier Open Roller Shutter

Anti Ram Vehicle Barriers

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