Get your roller shutters sorted for 2016

The new year is finally here, and for many business owners, that means evaluating their operations and seeing what they can do better in 2016. For many business owners, particularly those with large, open shop fronts, security is a major issue, and this means that to keep your business safe


Roller shutters: a billboard in the making

If your business premises face a busy thoroughfare then you don’t need to stop advertising when you shut up and go home at night. Roller shutters will keep your business safe, but they are also a blank canvas for an advertising hoarding, stylish artwork that will grab the attention or


Save money with uPVC strip curtains

Some doorways simply can’t be closed off. You and your staff might need constant access through an internal doorway, you might need to drive forklift trucks through there or it might even be an entry to a loading bay. It could even be that the opening is simply too big


Fire rated roller shutters could save your business

Roller shutters have long been employed to protect your premises from break-ins, but did you know that you can upgrade your shutters and give your business an added layer of protection against fire? A fire can decimate an office or salesroom and put you out of business for days, or


How often do roller shutters need servicing?

Having your roller shutters and sectional doors regularly maintained will prolong their life further and prevent disruptive, costly repair work further down the line. However, there is more to regular servicing than just taking precautions. It is a legal requirement under the Health and Safety Act to have mechanical doors


Don’t ignore a problem with your commercial shutters

As a business owner in the North West, the security of your shop, showroom, restaurant or bar is of huge importance. When you shut up for the day, you need to be confident that your commercial roller shutters are going to adequately secure your premises. The most commonly used steel


Is your business secure for the festive season?

In today’s marketplace, you need to make sure that your business is safe and secure. With many shop owners still feeling the effects of the recession, even with the economy in the UK showing signs of recovery, every penny counts towards keeping your business afloat – and that’s why you


Could a security checklist help your business in a bind?

We’d all like to think that we’re safe from disaster, but an emergency could strike your business at any time, and the best defence against that is a good offence (as the saying goes). In this case, that means preparation, preparation and more preparation. It’s important to discuss what would


Electric roller shutters and repairs

Manual roller shutters can be a right pain for any business owner. They tend to be very heavy to lift up and pull down and may take a while to do so, creating a security risk. This is never more true than when there are several roller shutters to contend


How roller shutters can become damaged

Any business worth its salt understands the value of having commercial roller shutters installed. They provide the peace of mind that the business is safe outside of opening hours, protecting the premises from vandalism and acting as a deterrent for burglars. However, roller shutters are only effective if they are